On March 27th, the Irish government announced sweeping restrictions on the movement of people in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19.

While allowed to travel further for reasons deemed essential, outdoor exercise was limited to an area within 2 kilometres of people’s homes. This distance has since been expanded, but while the restrictions were in place, many people got to know the area where they live a lot better. At least I got to know the area where I live better. And the experience gave me the idea for this project.

This website allows you to make a personal map of your locality, marking and documenting the things you find interesting.

Pins have been used to mark small architectural details, local landmarks, interesting shop signs, odd experiences, flowers, road kill, coronavirus notices, and street murals.

You create your individual map by setting a home address and then adding pins, choosing a location, colour, title and description for each. A pin can be added to mark anything that lies within 2 kilometres of your home.

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